Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Green Weddings and Stationery

This afternoon I was contacted by a magazine editor, who will be ringing Artcadia tomorrow to discuss tips for purchasing green wedding stationery. After giving it a bit of thought I decided that Eco friendly wedding stationery was a bit of an oxymoron, but you can do your bit by making less of an impact. Here are Artcadia's top tips for ethical wedding stationery:

Artcadia'a Recycled Manilla Wedding Stationery
  • Choose green papers and cards you can find really interesting and naturally beautiful papers from recycled straw, hemp, beer and cotton. Alternatively you could opt for a more conventional, but chlorine free and FSC approved, ECF wood pulp paper 
  • Keep your paper goods small, A sizes such as A6 means less wastage
  • Offer an email address for your RSVP, less paper, less mail, smaller carbon footprint
  • You are not inviting your entire guest list. Making allowances for couples and families will keep invitation numbers down
  • Have a wedding website, there are many free sites out there, which require no web development skills. Instead of stuffing your beautiful invite envelopes full of extra information papers, keep guests updated online through your own website and add the website address to your invites
  • Digital printing using modern machines is clean, reliable and ink efficient. Less ink is used and less paper is wasted. You can even recycle ink cartridges
  • Use local artisans, who can produce stunning unique stationery using age old printing techniques. Letterpress, in its purest form, is also inherently environmentally friendly, as no blocks need to be made and all the type and spacing material is re-used                                 
  • Use innovative place cards, such as plantable seed papers, with guest’s names on and wedding info. These will be lovely keepsakes which will produce stunning wild flowers and attract butterflies to guest’s gardens