Saturday, December 4, 2010

Traditional wedding invitations

Traditional wedding invitations

"Simple, elegant invitations with basic invitation wording, yet unbelievable and beautiful . . . " -- The Calligraphy Lady® Studio mantra!

There is something to be said for the traditional wedding invitation and all of its elegance. Years ago, affluent brides sent engraved wedding invitations on soft ivory premium cardstock from such paper manufacturers as Crane's or Mrs. John L. Strong. In fact, response cards were not even included in the invitation ensemble. Guests were expected to reply using their own personal stationery. Today, folks respond using reply cards and even electronic mail. Envelope liners were not used in invitation sets, because wedding invitation papers were heavy in paper weight and felt substantial in the hand. Tissues were used with engraved invitations in order to protect the engraved print on the stationery. Today, thermography and flat printing are affordable alternatives to engraving and are also "green" friendly since tissues are not needed to protect the print. Envelopes were hand addressed by a calligrapher or someone's mother or aunt who had perfect old school penmanship -- ie the Palmer handwriting method.

In modern day, wedding etiquette, invitations, styles and wedding locations (ie destination weddings) have evolved considerably. A lot of etiquette rules have changed because of the electronic world we live in and because brides are looking for something unique and different, reflective of their personal taste. Still many brides on their 50th anniversary look forward to saying, "I am so glad I selected that dress, those shoes, that cake, and we chose elegant wedding invitations because they are all timeless. I still love them!"

I enjoy the new invitation and wedding trends, but I will always love simple, traditional, minimalist everything -- the kind of taste of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O. and Princesses Grace and Diana. White and ivory high quality stationery, handwritten text or traditional wedding font, clever response sets, basic invitation wording and hand illustrated monograms -- combined they result in a timeless wedding invitation.

So be clever, be different, be unique . . . but remember - the little black dress theory. Every woman has her own little black dress that makes her look incredible and feel special. The same can be true of your wedding day choices and invitations. :)