Monday, June 13, 2011

Engagement and Wedding Photo Props

Every wedding is individual. Which is why you may see something that has been done before by someone else that you love. Does that mean you shouldn't use it for your own wedding? NO! There are loads of sites with all kinds of wedding inspiration and sure, all of these things have been done before but, NOT BY YOU! I stick by the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" so, if you are inspired by something someone else has done in their wedding, and you love it, by all means...make it yours!! The following items have been done before...over and over. That just means it must be a good idea! When you look back at your engagement and wedding photos, years down the road, I bet you will still love that you used some of these ideas!

Mr and Mrs photo prop signs - these have a dual use because on the back, it also has Thank and You!

The ORIGINAL-The Mr/The Mrs- Mustache/ Lips- Thank You Double Sided Wedding Photo Props Signs on Kraft Paper- Set of 2
The ORIGINAL-The Mr/The Mrs- Mustache/ Lips- Thank You Double Sided Wedding Photo Props Signs on Kraft Paper- Set of 2

The ORIGINAL Mr and Mrs - Thank You - Wedding - Double Sided Photo Props Sign on Kraft Paper - Set of 2
This photo was taken by Abigail Seymour - her work is amazing (seriously I looked at every page on her website!) She is based out of Greensboro, NC. You can just tell by her images that she has a gift. Love her work! Check it will be inspired, trust me!

This photograph was also taken by Abigail Seymour from the wedding of Jen and Craig. The table signs (I just loved the saying so much I had to share!) and the Mr and Mrs photo props were made by Pertyfultings

The ORIGINAL NEW- Style A -Just Hitched / Thanks Y'All Double Sided Photo Props on Kraft Paper- Set of 2
The ORIGINAL NEW- Style A -Just Hitched / Thanks Y'All Double Sided Photo Props on Kraft Paper- Set of 2
Pertyfultings has some really great things in her shop! Prices are great and options are endless! Love that! This "Just Hitched" photo prop is also double sided (for twice the use!) with a Thanks Y'all on the back! $9.50 

What do you think? Would you love to win your choice of sign from Pertyfultings? Let me know....

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 2

We left off with you have a date night with no wedding talk...did you do it?? So, let's jump back into what our next steps should be with wedding planning. You have taken care of the 1st 5 important steps...and now we get to start in with some of the (hopefully) fun details of planning the biggest day of your life! You have your date set, a deposit on the venue, your guest list has been started and most likely you have been listening to people giving you all kinds of advice - hey now...that's not what I am doing!! haha. I am just giving you some tools...
  • I would suggest, at this part of the planning, if you are going to do engagement photos now is the time! Decide if you are going to go casual (a photographer friend) or professional. The person you have do your engagement photos doesn't have to be booked to do your wedding - but it is a great time to scope out the person's work! Engagement photos will be used to...
  • Get your Save The Dates cards ready! There are so many choices for Save The Date cards and I will have to make a separate post about them, because I have quite a few useful links! Some people may ask "Do I even need to do this?" Well, the simple answer is NO. But, they are nice to have - especially if you have people coming from out of town or if your are planning your wedding around a time when people might have a lot going on (summer time...holidays, etc). Plus, it's a pretty nice way to let the entire world know about your wedding!
  • Have you narrowed down who your bridal party will be? This is probably a perfect time to do this because you are going to need some reliable help with the rest of the planning parts of a wedding! Once again, get ready to have people telling you who you just HAVE to have as part of your wedding party. This is another fun process that might get you back to eloping. You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but come on...the truth is you can only have so many people standing next to you. My suggestion is to always keep the people who you know love and support you - no matter what - and those people who you know will honor your vows you will soon be taking. 
  • Now, on we go to details, details, details! You need to choose your wedding theme - or at least wedding colors. You have MANY choices out there! 
  • If you have chosen a place to get married where a package is given - and today quite a few venues offer this - from catering, florist options and cakes. Your work is a little less complicated. You still need to pick all these things out to personalize you day don't have to go through the work of interviewing tons of vendors! I am basing this little helpful post assuming you have a venue that has a list of preferred vendors you have to work with.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Planning a Wedding 101 - Part 1 just got engaged! You've told all your family and are super excited and then the reality sets in that you have A LOT of work to do! Where do you start? Here are some ideas...
  • Buy a binder - the 3 ring type that you can add the sheet protectors in. You are going to need it!
  • Set the date! Once you tell people you are engaged they are going to ask "When is the wedding?" Unless you plan to get married right away it's best (for your wallet/sanity) to give yourself at least 6 months to a year to plan your wedding...although after a month or so of planning you might decide you just want to elope!
  • Figure out a budget! Are your folks going to help? Are you and your fiance doing it alone? This is my 3rd step because seriously once you start looking (and dreaming) you are going to have a thousand ideas going through your head! If you know your budget it will help keep you in check!
  • Set a realistic guest list. You are blending families - and each parent will most likely want Cousin Al and Aunt Sally, whom you haven't seen since you were 2 at your wedding! If your parents are helping pay for the wedding - believe me, they are going to want a say to who is invited - or not invited! But keep in mind this is YOUR day. Once you have a general idea of how many people you are inviting...
  • Find a ceremony/reception venue. I know a lot of brides are now looking a package places (where the ceremony and reception are at the same place) and this is a great idea for your budget. If you have your ceremony one place and reception at another it involves more costs (venue, transportation, transporting flowers, decorations, gifts, etc). Finding the place you are going to get married may also change your date...your original date could already be booked!
So, by now you have completed the 1st of 5 tasks to wedding planning! Exhausted yet? Well, maybe taking a breather would be a good idea about now...plan a night out with your fiance. You guys probably deserve it at this point! And NO WEDDING TALK.