Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bob Anderson, Bobby Darin and 1957 Cars . . .

"Just once in a lifetime
A man knows a moment
One wonderful moment
When fate takes his hand . . .
Just once in my lifetime
I'm going to do great things" . . .
Bob Anderson, I think Bobby Darin sang this song for you!

I recently visited Branson Missouri with my husband for a short weekend trip. I love Branson! I am not a huge country music fan. Although my father is an excellent steel guitar player and was the number one Martin guitar dealer in MD for about 50 years! I grew up listening to country . . . so I admire the talent.

I really LOVE the old Standards. My absolute favorites are Bobby Darin and Dean Martin. While in Branson, I attended an amazing performance by a gentleman named Bob Anderson, the world's most famous singing impressionist. He is nothing short of incredible! He is able to impersonate every famous singer exactly.

When the lights dimmed dramatically in the intimate performance venue, and Bob Anderson performed Dean and Bobby . . . well, my heart promptly melted on cue! He did a hilarious perfect impression of Tom Jones too. Unfortunately, none of us had panties to toss onto the stage! lol.

Of course all of these singers are before my time (had to mention that), but there is something magical about them -- their everlasting charm. Bob Anderson possesses that same magic, that certain je ne sais quoi . When he performs, he takes on the persona of the individual he is impersonating. It is unbelievable! When he sings in his own beautiful voice (without doing an impression), the result is just as unforgettable.

Not only is he an amazing talent, but he has to be the most humble star . . . ever! During his performance, he strolled into the audience and asked if anyone was celebrating a special occasion. I raised my hand and explained that my husband was celebrating his one year as a kidney recipient. You could see in Bob's eyes and his mannerism that he was deeply touched by this. He congratulated my husband with sincerity.

After the performance, the opportunity was given for fans to buy Bob's DVD/CD of his music and Vegas performance days. When my husband tried to buy the set, Bob refused to take Tim's money. He hugged my husband, congratulated him and gave him the set as a gift! Then he allowed us to have our picture taken with him. With renewed energy, even after his amazing performance, he gave that same personalized magic away to every fan who wanted to talk to him or have their picture taken with him.

Thank you, Bob Anderson, for keeping the Standards alive, for keeping the magic alive. And for showing the world your greatness -- a combination of tremendous talent, heart, humility and gratitude. If only more stars, could shine like Bob! Dear Mr. Anderson, maybe that is your next calling . . . star etiquette instructor to other stars!

In addition to seeing Bob Anderson, my hubby and I also went to the '57 Heaven Classic Cars Attraction. It was so much fun. Here is a pic of me with my favorite car:

pic of Tim, Dayna with Bob Anderson in Branson, MO after one of his many perfect performances!