Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Orchid Inspired Wedding Invitations

Orchid Inspired Wedding Invitations

find your inspiration for a purple, lavender, lilac wedding!

Orchid Wedding Invitations.

I am always looking for creative inspiration for my calligraphy! I love to feed my free spirit and stimulate my higher chakras! Orchids to the answer this day!

I recently attended the "Orchid Show 2008: Storybook Classics" at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The orchids were spectacular and displayed in every species imaginable. The colors were vibrant and some simply breathtaking. From corsage orchids to rare beauties, the show hosted a huge selection. Tucked playfully among the many exotic orchids were darling imaginative story boards and artfully crafted props from fairy tale classics like "Jack and the Beanstalk", "The Secret Garden" and "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".

At the end of my flowery tour, I snapped a great photo of one of my favorite orchids. Its soft ruffled borders and purple hues reminded me of the flowing ruffles of a magnificent wedding dress train. And the many orchid colors -- for the bridesmaids and your wedding theme, of course! I left the show feeling quite romantic! What woman doesn't love the heavenly aroma of fresh flowers and a stroll through a magical secret garden?

Allow us to provide you with one-of-a-kind wedding invitations crafted from our inspiration and your unique taste! Once upon a time, we also created a gorgeous Orchid Theme Wedding Invitation for a special couple-to-be. Charming handcrafted calligraphy engraved onto sumptuous cotton stationery with hand torn edge -- a custom monogram for added fairy tale wedding romance!

One of our favorite Purple Wedding Invitations which we specialized for a client recently is from the TRU Expressions catalog.