Friday, March 30, 2007

Intimate Wedding at home

Featuring Paula Anderson and Paul Bergdall in VA

unique wedding invitations
~I truly enjoyed the time I spent working with Paula and Paul. I remember the first telephone conversation I had with Paula. I could tell immediately she was a client with discriminating taste and so was her husband-to-be, Paul!

For their intimate wedding-at-home, together they carefully selected a gorgeous European inspired hand torn edge ivory stationery for their wedding invitation suite and matching program covers. Offset printed in black ink, each one of their unique wedding invitations had the look of handwritten, personal correspondence. Such a classic look for such an elegant, beautiful wedding couple!

Paula and Paul have graciously allowed me to post their wonderfully written note. (ps I love the part that says the groom suggested hand-written invitations!) I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to create their wedding stationery!

"We're not sure if we ever mentioned how we chanced upon you, but it was
after Paula had dragged Paul through several bridal/card shops and quite a
few disappointing catalogs. At that point, he suggested hand-written
invitations, and she, ever willing to share the planning, agreed. So, off
to the internet he went where he found just as many bad ideas as he had seen
in all those catalogs, except for one.
The year of our wedding was spent in anticipation and planning, and you
certainly figured quite prominently then. In the year since, we have
reminisced often of the "things that we were doing just a year ago". You
come pleasantly to mind as we have looked back.
After our wedding, we realized that you were by far the most professional
person we encountered. Aside from the outstanding quality of your hand, we
found the guidance that you offered, the caring attention to detail, and the
capacity to make good on promises so far above any of the others.
One of the best gifts that we received was one of your invitations, matted
and framed, from our sister and brother-in-law. He does professional
framing, and so we were not surprised when we opened their gift. The
touch that he added was to crop our names from the outside envelope flap and
theirs from the inner envelope and fix them to the back of the frame. It now
hangs in a special place and whenever we pass it, it reminds us of our wedding,
your special place in it, and them.
We are enclosing several pictures for you. As you can see were married on
the front porch of our home. It was a happy and special moment. Thanks so
much for being part of it."
With the warmest regards,
Paul and Paula