Sunday, January 30, 2011

2010 Bestseller

After a bit of totting up, we have discovered that our bestselling "off the rack" range for 2010 was Vintage Perfume.

Art Deco and vintage was a massive USA export to the UK wedding stationery market. For the fashion-forward couple looking for a bygone era trendy twist to their wedding events, the vintage theme was their best match.  2011 will see this trend go forth with contrasting colors and patterns with nostalgic icons, while the 1970's-inspired art deco designs will feature intricate, soft pastel colorized floral patterns and designs.

Although we are overhauling some of our ranges for 2011, the defiant popularity of the vintage perfume range means it will be sticking around, with a couple of subtle tweaks...

Artcadia's Vintage Perfume Range

Vintage Perfume RSVP Card

Vintage Perfume Wedding Invitation