Thursday, August 5, 2010

Holly Robinson - 'I do' Weddings

We are very lucky to have such fantastic neighbors. Holly Robinson, two doors down, made our scrumptious GF Fresh Coconut Cake.

Not only was our wedding cake beautiful, it was also the best cake I've ever tasted... and I've tasted alot of cake. Holly crafted the ivy twine from sugar and handpainted it, to give a cunningly realistic finish. The top of the cake was home to two Playmobil people (representative of Richard and I) accompanied by two little pygmy goats (representative of Les and Norah our two Pygmies). The grass was made from dyed, fresh coconut shavings. The ricotta filling made it very moistly addictive. Holly presented the cake on a bed of fresh flowers, making it a very eye catching addition to the room.

Holly Robinson of 'I do' Weddings offers Wedding Planning, GF Cake Making and Cabaret Singing... basically an all round star.

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