Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Letterpress on Light Ivory Stationery

Inspired to do a NEW Letterpress trend for 2009/2010 . . .

This winter we took our out-of-town guests from Virginia Beach to the MO Botanical Gardens. One of my favorite stops is the Linnean House -- it was full of camellias in bloom! I love camellia flowers -- my favorites are the peppermint stripes and light pinks. Beautiful, soft and the texture is so smooth and delicate.

Which lead me to my most recent idea - smooth stationery for letterpress. Often letterpress stationery is textured and thick. That's not to say it is not lovely. But why not try smooth, lighter color ivory paper -- something delicate, elegant, formal? So I did just that . . . letterpress samples on softer color ivory stationery that boasts a smooth finish. The result -- different, ELEGANT and WOW! I'm in love with the look and can hardly wait to create these letterpress calligraphy invitations for a new client. The black ink is consistent in the pressed lettering and the calligraphy letters hold their character and quality perfectly.

My calligraphy is pressed into smooth stationery for a twist on the age old beautiful art of letterpress. A traditional and fabulous new flair! It's new and it all began in The Calligraphy Lady® studio this month!

I love ivory stationery in both traditional cream and the new lighter color -- sometimes called wedding white. So I offer both ivory shades to clients.

Please visit my site at http://www.calligraphylady.com for more samples of my elegant wedding invitations handwritten in ornate calligraphy.