Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

Take one complete invitation set to the Post Office and have it weighed. It is very important that you have correct postage for your invitations, of course. Sites like sell custom postage stamps.

After addressing inner and outer envelopes, invite friends and family to help stuff your invitations.

Affix postage to your reply card envelopes. I suggest using small 42 cent stamps like the wedding heart stamp from the Post Office.

Place reception card (if you have one of these), followed by the reply card, then the reply card envelope. Put the flap of the reply card envelope over the reply card. If there is an accommodation/direction/travel card, put this card last after the reply card envelope. Place all of these small cards neatly in front of your wedding invitation. Here is a photo example of reply card/envelope, activity/travel card, invitation:

The wedding invitation and enclosure cards are placed printed side up and inserted into the inner envelope. We do this so wedding guests can read the invitation and enclosure cards as they are removed from the inner envelope.

Place the inner envelope inside the outer envelope. The front of the inner envelope is addressed with the guests names only (for example, Mr. and Mrs. Kim). The printed side of the inner envelope should face you. When guests open the outer envelope and pull out the inner envelope, they will see their names.

Lastly, seal carefully. Do not put a wet envelope on top of another envelope. Wait until each envelope seal dries.

Wax seals are lovely, but they do tend to break off in the mail and may also cause other issues with the Post Office. Attractive seals are a great alternative.